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COVID-19 Health tips to Live by

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

COVID-19 Health Tips to Live By

'COVID-19' is the word on everyone’s mouth across cities, countries, and continents. It's unbelievable and unfathomable how we got here, but the fact is that WE ARE HERE at this time because of a virus, to me that seems like a plague has hit planet earth. It's like the “reset button” was pushed for humanity to explore and develop the other side of us by staying healthy in our minds, soul, and spirit.

Not only is the “plague” affecting our health; it is also affecting our minds, souls, economy, functionality, finances, relationships, investments and more ways than we can even mention. It’s as though our peace and livelihood have been stolen, but I know we will figure it out!

Here is a new 15-minute testing tool just approved in the United States, which is a step in the right direction in terms of how quickly we can get test results from COVID-19, although we wish we can remove the virus, and return to normal as if nothing had happened. The seen, unseen and yet-to-be-seen impact of this pandemic is unimaginable and unknown in its entirety.

While being surrounded by all this negativity, our deserted streets, parks, and more have forced us to really appreciate what we might have or have taken for granted as humans, the ability to remain still and enhance our creativity. Let’s look through a positive lens here.

Coping with the implications of this virus has forced us to not only wash our hands more frequently and stay home, practicing social distancing, self-isolation, forced quality time with loved ones and relatives and so on, but it has also put things into perspective and challenges us to take a close look at our priorities, hence the “reset button” has been triggered for humanity to explore and develop the other side of us, being intentionally creative in keeping our minds, soul, spirit, and relationships healthy.

the “reset button” has been triggered for humanity to explore and develop the other side of us

There are many ways to revitalize, focus on the positive and illuminate our souls when all the things we consider the ‘norm’ appear bleak. Some may view ‘isolation’ as a bad phenomenon, the positive benefits far outweigh the ‘bad’, here are some of the positives, if you chose to embrace it:

  • Journaling

  • Writing

  • Painting

  • Exercise (indoors/outdoors)

  • Reflecting

  • Healing of sour relationships

  • Spending more time family

  • Touch up/learn now cooking/baking skills

  • Entrepreneurial creativity (brainstorm multiple sources of income)

  • Start/expand your family (wink, wink)

  • Destress - dance, laundry, cleaning

  • Develop a healthy morning routine

  • More time for devotion/praying

  • Meditation

Feel free to add to the list on your own. As nurse consultants we strive to bring structure to the chaos of the 'medical record' field with our knowledge, expertise and hands-on strategies and execution, providing medical consulting services to the public on health matters and issues. We’re here to educate YOU on the wide range of medical issues, terminology and nursing details.

Stay healthy by having healthy thoughts. It’s time to press the reset button in your own life and come alive again!

Please share this blog among your network, if you found it valuable.

Until next month….

^Lola (Founder, D.S.G. Health Consulting Inc.)

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